The Standard Algo Journey as Described by A Couple Of True Algo Jedis Who Happen To Be The Nicest Guys

I’m here to tell ya….
  1. If you haven’t built a React (or fill in your language and/or framework here) app in a little while you’ll be rusty! No…

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a functional journey

Now That I Have Your Attention, Let’s Learn About Hooks! Photo by Chen on Unsplash

It’s Math… And It’s Not

HINT — it’s a database problem! Photo by Jan Antonin Kolar on Unsplash

Semantic UI — a styling library for React
Semantic UI React

Simple Google Search on jQuery

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Disclaimer to my friends: this is not a definitive list.

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Images from…

Ternary Operators and Why I Love Them
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Shelby Talbert

Ex-professional actor, reinventing myself, living the life in NYC. Recently graduated from Flatiron School’s software engineering bootcamp program.

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